There may be snow in 49 states but not here. There is snow on top of the volcano in Hawaii, but we are matching Florida. In a country where it normally starts snowing in Oct and lasts through to March or later, we do not have snow.

What we did get, starting this afternoon was rain. Sheets and sheets of rain, enough to settle all the dust and more. There are standing puddles, there just might be a bit of mud. Now, it is right at freezing with predictions of snow. That is what they have been telling us for days.

What I do know is that if it drops to -7C (19F) all that water is going to freeze leaving roads, sidewalks and pathways to resemble skating rinks. Reality is also that it will severely affect flight operations – at least for the fixed wings. Sliding down the runway is no one’s idea of a good time and I am not sure what we have (if anything) for de-icing. Certainly there will be issues for those heading north to Manas on their way home.

Unlike our camps in Kuwait, roofs here are pitched and should shed water and snow. Few buildings have flat roofs, for as we know, all flat roofs leak. I haven’t noticed anything looking like storm gutters so that might just explain the water puddles extending the length of the ruts between the BHuts.

Rain on fuzzy jackets = bedraggled troops. Most of us broke out our marshmallow appearing jackets this afternoon. They might not shed water as well as gortex, but they are a lot warmer. Just think of us hiking from one end of the post to the other humming, Puff the Magic Jacket out from my trunk….

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6 Responses to Rain

  1. Carmen says:

    Got cold here, too. -7C tonight, probably. Windy – up to 30mph.

  2. Angeluna says:

    Just imagining the lovely smell of all those damp Puff the Magic Jackets in Mess Hall. Sounds pretty miserable, although perhaps good for the landscape and the water supply?

  3. Berg says:

    Warm memories of flooded desert bases in Saudi, Kuwait and the Stans

  4. Holly says:

    or cold memories of huddling with temps just above freezing, soaked and disgusted…. dreaming of home, sunshine and a lounger next to the pool..

  5. Helen says:

    If you could become Puff the Magic Dragon instead, you could solve both your heating problems AND melt the ice!

  6. Bob says:

    God continue to bless you and all those around you, and keep you all safe.

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