Quieting Down

It is Sunday evening. The dog and I are sitting here, alone in the house.

It is so quiet that I really hear nothing at all. Our household appliances run quietly, barely a whisper to indicate that the freezer and fridge are functioning. The loudest object is my laptop.

The teens have left for school, with two runs being needed to the trainstation to clear them all out. One babysits on Sunday for about five hours which put her a smidgen behind on her laundry. The other two wanted to get back and settled in time to unpack, and do a bit of home work. Since they have exams this week, I was more than willing to support anything that remotely appears to be studying.

My DH is safely arrived in San Francisco; I wish I had gone as well.

But I have about three days this week to finish up all the rest of my outprocessing and paperwork before flying to the UK early Friday morning. It would not have been a good idea to go to San Francisco. Even though I found some wonderful yarns stores the last time I was there.

Viking Ship Sweater

If you might be interested in all the places that are building reproduction Viking Ships, I would recommend visiting the Digital Norseman.

I just finished up the second ball of black, and only have a couple of meters left on the third ball of white. 28 cm complete.

and am still messing around with the best way to mark the graph.

would you believe that with all the art supplies that are somewhere in this house, the best I can find is crayon at the moment?

The store at which I bought this kit (personally assembled by the kind saleswoman) is called Strikkedilla, found near the center of Oslo.

Audio Books

Ok, I think it was really late when I finished up Cry No More last night. And I really was going to pull out another book this morning. Instead – I pulled out Bones – which I had heard about, but not seen. I have season 2. Now I need to go find season 1. I have enjoyed all of Kathy Reichs’ books. I don’t think the series is anything like the books, but still…


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3 Responses to Quieting Down

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  2. Raven says:

    wow. I am completely in love with that sweater. You are doing a marvelous job.

  3. amanda j says:

    I keep meaning to watch Bones. I like the books too but the actors and plot lines don’t seem to add up on the ads I have seen!

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