Progress on WIP/UFO pile

I unearthed a couple more UFOs. The problem with stripey type yarns is that it takes a lot of effort to make the sides identical. These aren’t.

two partially started baby sweaters

two partially started baby sweaters

Next Step:

the yarn

the yarn

Twinings Shawl

Two balls of Opal and more than a couple of hours – one more UFO completed (well, not blocked) 50″ x 14.” Knit on a 4.00 Kollage square needle.

Twinings finished

Twinings finished

And this is what is left –

what is left of 200gm

what is left of 200gm

which is not bad considering that it is a 16 row pattern which can only be stopped at row 8 and 16.

And my WIP/UFO pile has decreased by three.

Left on the needles – my Faery Ring, Pagode, Katherine, Stillwater, Textured Sleeveless Pullover, and an ancient Norwegian Roses Vest. Since I want to join Jo and Dicksie in knitting Knitting Lavold’s Brage¬† starting 15 Sept I plan on having at least two completed (Faery Ring and the Sleeveless Pullover) if not three to decrease my guilt.

from the Viking Trail Exhibit

from the Viking Trail Exhibit


Catching up on Wait, Wait …. don’t tell me!

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3 Responses to Progress on WIP/UFO pile

  1. Kathryn says:

    Love the Viking Trail one – ooohhh!

  2. ruth says:

    I get confused where you are. Are you in the UK or in Germany? How do you ever keep track of what is where?

    Love the sweater. It’s very elegant.

    • Holly says:

      I have a real problem keeping track of what is where. I think I still have more books in Germany and the yarn is probably closer to 50/50, if I include all the hanspun in bins.

      Perhaps I should change the header to reflect my current location?

      (back in the UK till 21 Sept when I head to M√ľnchen)

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