I am actually making progress – on knitting Donna

Donna - the first arm is now finished

Donna - the first arm is now finished

the second arm well started and the collar sewn and the I-cord trim complete.

We will not talk about the sewing. It is something that I had totally forgotten, or perhaps not permitted myself to remember. Falkenberg has this nasty tendency toward too many seams, weird edgings and only rare provisional cast ons. This is a sweater that would have been markedly more simple to knit had there been a provisional cast on at the front then picking up stitches and knitting the collar all of one piece after the shoulders had been sewn together.

I also found that knitting the arms in the round was much simpler than knitting back and forth with yet another edge to seam.

Other than that – we just hung out, and generally had a quiet day (this is in Toano, VA)

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