I am making progress – and there is a future in sight!

Today, when I woke up and tested the phone I actually had a dial tone and service. My Internet is supposed to be turned on starting the 28th.

Yesterday, in less than an hour (door to door) I was able to get my van through MOTesting. The only issue was the headlights which are directional for normal driving. They kindly fixed it by applying tape to the headlights (really!) rather than charging me £250 to take apart the headlights and point the bulbs in a different direction.

The nice insurance man will send out all the papers that I need.

And tomorrow is Burn’s Night.

I think I am settling in.


Imagine that you are looking at socks. At the miss-match pair (one done long wise and one the normal around), at the arch-shaped pair, and at the new sock I started last night that is now on the heel flap.

I have no way up loading pix right now – but I will once I am on line at home.

Audio Books

Finding my MP3 player, I finished The Narrows by Michael Connelly, some piece of fluff or other by Jennifer Cruisie and Plum Lucky by Evanovitch. The last was no where near as good as her regular Stephanie Plum books even though it includes a rocket launcher and the requesit burning car.


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