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  1. Reminds me of what we called a “blivvy” back in the ’50’s. My very first Army job–before they found out I could type–was as a cook. A “blivvy” was described as four pounds of Crisco in a three-pound bag. And, you’re right; the imagination doesn’t even come close. Hope you can finish all the wonderful products while enjoying the remainder of sailing the blue.

  2. Cheryl’s law of the beach: The likelihood of someone wearing a bikini is inversely proportional to how much business they wearing one!

  3. Last night I was knitting along to a Nature show about birds (humming, specifically) where the male plumage issue was widely discussed. In the case of hummers, the females don’t get any help from the males in raising the babies, so I guess picking a mate has to be based on mate’s apparent survive-and –thrive capabilities. No pair bonding means the females are not completing with each other to keep a mate.

    In Western culture, the females are competing with each other for the most tasty males (with tastiness being defined either by hormones or good sense, depending on age, I suppose.) So, that would explain the showing off for each other, too.

    But, in non-Western cultures, it isn’t necessarily the women who get decked out.

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