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  1. If I am ever recalled, I hope to deploy with a Guttenberg Project DVD. It’s basically the Library of Congress contents before 1922.

    However, I think I am ahead of you in the power off department. My new solar oven is due to arrive today or Monday.

    Bagram weather is now on my iPhone. I looks clear and cool and dry from here.

  2. SOLAR.
    I have 200 watts of solar panels on my Airstream with 3 27 Series Glass mat batteries with a 600 watt inverter.
    I don’t need to stinkin power.
    Prior to my deployments I made certain we had some folding solar panels and had a small portable wind generator.
    http://gosolar.com/ A friend in my camping club is the owner.

  3. What you say is so true. I feel connected to the big wide world until the power goes down. No phone numbers, and no phone once the battery wore down, no messages, no news, no coffee. I’ve always wondered how we would manage in a prolonged power outage. Mark above has some good suggestions.

  4. I always had to laugh when, as the word got around that we had wine for our services, the Jewish population grew by a few different folks each week

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