Ponta Delgado

Ponta Delgado is the capital of the Azores, specifically of São Miguel. Discovered in 1427 by the Portuguese, it has essentially been mostly under their control since. And yes, that really is discovered. No indigenous peoples here to be displaced by a influx of Europeans. Just a small chain of volcanic islands about 36000 years old which turned out to not be quite as quiescent as believed. Last major eruption was in 1811 resulting in at least one new island . Unfortunately for the British who hoisted the Union Jack, the island settled over the next four months resulting in the 1.5 km long, .5 km wide island ending about 40m below sea level foiling the attempt to establish a base in the middle of Portuguese territory.

The town is bright, lovely, white and clean. Cheré and I stopped here last spring on the Jewel of the Seas (Miami to Harwich) and hiked around the city. I did much the same today – just taking pictures and otherwise relaxing.

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