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  1. Reading this made me think of a really great movie… Remember ‘Oh God’ with George Burns? Do you remember his comments about pockets? I’ve laughed about that for years….

    Curious, has the Army gone over to LED flashlights or are they still using the old fashioned bulb types?

  2. Not being one of those to whom a flashlight is issued – my answer is – whatever I have (or is light and cheap). But then I am not at an outpost or somewhere that they are usually shooting at me.

  3. Ah, the joys of pocketbooks! You can’t imagine just how much junk I can stuff into mine. Yeah, you can imagine it. And always knitting cause you never know if you are going to the ER with the Mommie.

  4. If you get a shoulder holster rig with space for 3 magazines, you can have at least one mini-pocket in the unused magazine pouch.

  5. What a wonderful description! I would be putting medical tape over the mirror belt – it could be ripped off in case someone deigns to question your fashion statement.
    How much longer must you imitate a mule?

  6. hoping to be home as an April Fools good joke. But outbound (redeploying) have the lowest status for flight priority

  7. Having to wear blues is something of a traumatic event for me-I have to carry (and worry about) a blasted purse! 🙂

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