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  1. Today’s question: why is it called a B-Hut?
    I assume it is an Alaska Hut cos it looks like an igloo?
    Are the mountains as sinister in real life as they look in the photos or are we projecting our emotions on them?

    P.S. Is the jingle truck next to a Texas or Alaska barrier??

    • Lets see …

      The B-hut comes from Base Hut/House as far as I know. I can’t find a reference, so we can make up whatever we want.

      Alaska huts – igolos from my point of view. I have heard them called all sorts of other things, just picked the term that their current inhabitants use.

      The mountains are harsh and forbidding, not for the weekend climber.

      Info on the Barriers
      references here, here, and here.

  2. Well at least you get to see parts of the world that I would love to see, maybe in the next life I will travel all the time

  3. Thanks so much for the photos. The Hindu-Kush is magnificent. Your quarters look positively comfy! I’m glad you are knitting.
    The mountains around Bagram remind me of flying into Salt Lake City. I guess we always look for the familiar when shown something competely different.

  4. Beautiful shots Holly. Funny how I somehow expected the inside of your quarters to be gray, glad they’re a lot more colorful. Where did you get the rug? The mountains are incredible.

  5. Love the photo’s. Have been saving all updates from the field in a special folder. Now having to deal with about 30 head big cows in my yard.

  6. probably the only huts and tents with Persian carpets….The stark beauty of the landscape and the “madness” of camp life are striking.

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