Passing Out

has a completely different meaning in British vs American English. In US parlance – one passes out from too much drink. ┬áHere in the UK, apparently one passes out from an organization. That is, graduates and moves on to what comes next.

Today was the 162nd Passing Out Parade at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. I present to you a number of photos, they are sequential (or at least you can follow by numbers) from first formation to the Seniors “Passing Out.” And no, the Queen was not present.

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2 Responses to Passing Out

  1. Carmen says:

    Sorry, confused about the symbolism here. It appears the horse is going into the school building. Is the horse being “held back”?

  2. Bonnie says:

    Very nice! A good friend and retired Army officer has a son who is in his junior year at West Point. They recently hosted their Sandhurst counterparts for “games” at the USMA, an annual event.

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