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Paper Chase — 7 Comments

  1. there are good people everywhere we go and your stories are convincing me that the military is full of great people who are stuck doing awful jobs but who make the best of things!

  2. Loved the comment made by the AF officer when he caught your paper!! Do hope you’ve incoporated him into your circle of friendship cos a quick wit like that is sure to be a nice person!!

  3. LOL that you have to be nice to the AF for a (short) while! I leave in under a week to go MY Airman’s grad in TX….

    We just had a brief Christmas visit from our young Marine friend, who calls then the “chair force”…..sigh. Just remember; you’re happy the AF is around when you want to fly somewhere, right?

  4. We don’t mind bashing, as long as you are buying us an appropriate beverage! 🙂 Even the “zipper-suited sun gods” are capable of gallantry now and again.

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