Paper Chase

Thinking that I was used to the wind was a mistake.

Head down to avoid eyes and mouth full of grit, I slogged from Task Force HQ to Craig just in time to make the weekly trauma VTC. The whole day, as a matter of fact had been of that feel – moving against the wind, current and routine to the point where I was getting exhausted just thinking about hiking back to the other end of Disney at meeting end.

But there was another VTC waiting for me and I was trying to be a good kid. Hat on, gloves on hiking along the back fence my mind started to wander. Instead of tucking my notebook into a pants pocket (you remember all those pockets which work wonderfully) I had it in my left hand. With the wind at my back, I rounded the last couner of the transit yard just as a gust of wind almost knocked me flat.

The dust devil did success in distracting me. As I grabbed for my hat, papers flew out of my notebook. Three pages of detailed lists encompasing everything I needed to do for the next week. The first two did not travel far but that third sheet was sailing well over my head and moving rapidly toward the flight line. I watched in amazement as this guy leaped and snagged it just before the fence. Grinning, the AF officer handed it over remarking that it was a bit more challenging than a frisbee but not as much as flying a jet.

Guess I will have to stop my Air Force bashing for a while.

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7 Responses to Paper Chase

  1. Linda says:

    there are good people everywhere we go and your stories are convincing me that the military is full of great people who are stuck doing awful jobs but who make the best of things!

  2. Pat says:

    I love this story. 🙂 Glad you were able to save all the important information!

  3. Carmen says:

    Glad he had your back! May the Force be with you.

  4. Mary says:

    Loved the comment made by the AF officer when he caught your paper!! Do hope you’ve incoporated him into your circle of friendship cos a quick wit like that is sure to be a nice person!!

  5. Ruth says:

    LOL that you have to be nice to the AF for a (short) while! I leave in under a week to go MY Airman’s grad in TX….

    We just had a brief Christmas visit from our young Marine friend, who calls then the “chair force”…..sigh. Just remember; you’re happy the AF is around when you want to fly somewhere, right?

  6. Steve says:

    We want video!

  7. Cheryl says:

    We don’t mind bashing, as long as you are buying us an appropriate beverage! 🙂 Even the “zipper-suited sun gods” are capable of gallantry now and again.

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