Panic Attack

There I was, down to the last three repeats of the border pattern on Scherezade. On the second half, just so you understand.

I reached in my yarn bag, but there was no more yarn.


For the next several hours I tore apart the house: living room, dining room, office, bedroom, sewing/fiber area. I even went through the three kids’s bedrooms without success. Thinking back, I am not sure why I didn’t clean my way along, it certainly would have made my life a lot easier.

This is the shawl for the Eldest’s wedding this coming weekend. The one that I finished up the first half quickly, then ignored for several months while I knit other projects.

It was rather late in the evening when I decided, just for the sake of form to change the sheets on the bed.

This turned up.

natural color, Louet Gems

natural color, Louet Gems

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