Packing and repacking

Here I am, at yet another La Quinta. No dog necessitating the stay but it is a lot easier to catch an early flight when you don’t have to traipse half way across the city in the middle of morning rush traffic.

Did I mention that my sister works the night shift – when said shift runs about from 1800-0600. Since there is no guarantee that she would be off the computer on time (the day shift people know that she will stay till they are actually doing something) I could just see myself crawling up the walls as the minutes counted down to plane departure while she is desperately trying to finish reports, log-off and explain to the dog that there is no room in the car.

By far more sane and easier on all of us to be prepositioned tonight.

Meanwhile, I am looking at my suitcase and wondering why it doesn’t seem that everything will fit. I know that I have new sandals – but I threw a pair out, so that should balance. I picked up new pants and a jacket, but mailed off two packages, so that should also balance.

It might be my new camera gadget bag – but I moved all the lenses from the backpack to the new bag and packed the newly freed space full with other stuff.

I mean, it couldn’t possibly be the calendar, the jewelry findings, beads or patterns now could it? Much better to blame the knitted projects. Knitted projects take so much more room than yarn and that has to be the reason (and we will not talk about excess  yarn taken in George’s bag back to Germany end of May).

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