I am stealing a wonderful knitting abbreviation from Ruth, the Scrabblequeen. She doesn’t claim coining of the term, but I am more than willing to let her hold part of the blame.

OTN – standing for “on the needles”

It is a neutral term, not positive like WIP (work in progress) or pejorative as is UFO – (Unfinished Object).  Rather, it provides a simple statement that this project has been started and is not yet completed.

I found the abbreviation in one of the on-line compendiums, but not in the rest. That one uses a definition that is the same as WIP (current project) which I don’t find correct.

I think there just might be a small sense of commitment. After all, you cared enough to start, to see what it might become; to handle the yarn, try out the stitches and color/s, to decide if you want to invest the time and energy. Sometimes it takes a while to make that determination. But you are allowed to change your mind, let it marinate for months or years until exactly the right time. It doesn’t matter which choice you make, just that you make one. At least at the point of which you really need those needles for another project.



And so, I went back to a project that had been waiting for me to progress on this sleeve,

first sleeve - 10 am

first sleeve - 10 am

for the Faery Ring KAL project

first sleeve complete

first sleeve complete

and ready to bind in.

sleeve ready to bind in

sleeve ready

The cuff for the second has been started. I can’t get any further till I free up the needle tips currently providing the magic loop for the first sleeve.  I might just knit the hood next.

Another couple of ridges on Pagode. The downside of this section is that each row is five stitches longer than the previous, each ridge 10 stitches longer.

knitting the back onto the front sleeves

knitting the back onto the front

The good thing is that once I get through the next 8-9 ridges all the stitches will be picked up and I can dump the whole thing in my lap rather than having to leave it lying flat on the floor.

Tomorrow – I am going to start the bottom ribbing on Brage. Once I am past the ribbing I am going to have to actually do a bit of planning to have the sides come out the same size since the 34 stitch cable is on one side only. And then there is the small issue of steeks vs one piece back and forth knitting.


Also completed – Mike Resnick’s Starship: Pirate which has both humor and good technical handling. The reader is excellent which really adds to the story
Black Hills by Nora Roberts. Hate to say that the story did not suffer terribly from me skipping about six hours out of the second half of the book. I got bored with all the subplots which just seemed to repeat and slow everything down.

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2 Responses to OTN

  1. Ruth says:

    Love your expansion on the idea of OTN! LOL…now I’ll have to link back to you!

  2. ruth says:

    The Pyramide sweater looks great on you!

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