now has a water front of new steel and glass construction inhabited by mad bicylists at 0730 in the morning. Once again, this post is picture heavy, please be patient.

Akke Brykken

glass and steel

and condos, probably with their own docks

I hiked around the city for an hour before returning to the downtown area and a coffee shop, falling in love again with interesting buildings and quiet neighborhoods.

from the 1800s

windows and trim


contrasting paint and trim

some being wooden

and old, tucked back off the street

and others just bursting with frescos


entrance to the Museum

official buildings

official buildings


and the opera house

My new favorite place to have Chai is Wayne’s Coffee which offers free Wifi along with barristas smart enough to ask about syrup vs tea.

Knitting Shops

Long one of my favorite places to buy yarn and toys in Oslo, Husfliden is undergoing renovation. As a result, they are temporarily located on the bottom floor of Glasmagasinet. I spent a long time drooling over yarn and some of the older Rauma patterns, but restrained myself.

Wandering by my other favorite place –


which is located in Oslo City (1).  Very nice people and collection of yarns, patterns and fastenings. It was here that I bought the makings for my Viking Ship Sweater in 1998/99.


What would a port town be without a castle/defensive fort on the hillside. Unlike the UK, there are a few signs up mentioning that the sides are steep. But there are no guard rails, handrails or other methods of preventing you from being really stupid. Guess the Norwegian concept is that you are responsible for yourself and those with you. I like that. I just missed the hours on the Armed Forces Museum…

barely readable layout.

and you need to go....

entry tower

multiple protecting walls

older buildings undergoing rehab

exiting the upper area

Stave Churches

As you know, I am not much of a person for wandering into churches. These doors and lintels are the surviving pieces of several old churches and are on display at the main museum. I am going to put the rest on an Oslo page when I am back home and have time.

old door

side piece detail

lintel detail

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4 Responses to Oslo

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  2. Ruth says:

    Wonderful pics. I like travelling along with you! Did you really buy nothing at all in the yarn shops? So sad…

  3. Angeluna says:

    I certainly hope you are wearing your Viking Ships Sweater on this trip.

  4. Cat says:

    Sigh…it looks wonderful…am green with envy!

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