After spending more than 10 days one week at Ft Benning, I was not thrilled to learn that Bagram has its own “new arrivals orientation.” Yesterday we proved that our weapons worked.


Today it was a number of briefings. Several were word for word repeats of Ft Benning. The one that wasn’t dealt with current manufacture of home made explosive devices. That one was interesting, and probably worth the price of admission (free with water and MREs provided). It also was nice to see a display of mines and UXO that all been turned up here in theater, many on this particular base.

BAF is probably demined – at least those areas on which we live since there has been so much digging and foot traffic….

I still haven’t decided what I am going to do about knitting. I might just get an extra pillow case in which to keep any current project, but things are still dusty. I also have just about decided that I will not sign up for the local WiFi provider. It is expensive and they want to install a software program on my computer. Additionally, a number of people have already warned me about not using that network for any internet purchasing or banking business. 30 minutes a day on the MWR computers is easily available, and we can do the banking part from work. End result? No large files in this direction.

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  1. Angeluna says:

    Knitting and landmines in one post. Not bad. Might be a first.

    Thinking of you.

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