not the scholar, I just like bridges

There is no question but I have been living in Europe for a long time. When faced with a discussion of dinner this evening my first question related to the distance from our hotel. Less than a couple of miles? Great! We can walk.

Noah and I grab outerwear and George looks at us like we are insane. He has already transitioned to the US mindset of driving everywhere. Obviously, I won the stare down and we walked since it was such a nice night.

I will avoid discussing the restaurant. Typical for the People’s Republic of Berkeley it touted organic this and hand prepared that. Food was ok, once I finally figured out the strange fonts in the menu and what the entries actually meant.

An aside – does anyone really believe that normal, tap table water is better or looks more interesting if it is delivered to the table in a glass bottle rather than a pitcher? Admittedly, it encourages even worse service than we received since the need to refill water glasses is eliminated. On the other hand, it is one more thing that needs washing after every meal rather than the end of the evening. For a location that is talking about environmentally friendly,,,,, just saying…..

We met a long standing friend and had a great visit which went a long way toward making up for the food.

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