I have pulled my mind back in from screaming over the edge and am now looking for solutions:

1) frog the whole thing and move on to a different yarn

Perhaps purple?

2) try a new gauge

but the hand does not feel right

(and find that I don’t like either the way that the pattern comes out or the drape of the fabric. Doesn’t matter, even at the new gauge the yarn amount that I have is still a few grams short of supplying the needed square area).

3) work in a couple of balls of a solid color yarn on the back where I will not see it. Going through my stash – these are the options:

four options from stash that are in the ball park

bit better a look at the color choices

None of them are a perfect match to any of the colors. The reddish and grey are Knit Picks Palette, the orange is Patton’s baby wool and the black is Rowan 4 ply. ┬áNot going to buy any more yarn. No, not going to do it.

I thought looking for more of the sock yarn but have hung that as not prompt or efficient. And, it would involved spending money. Yarn from stash…..

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  1. The cat says:

    No, no, NOOOOOOOO – not the orange!

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