Only US

Unlike many of the other flights – we left Ft Benning in the afternoon. Our route has taken us into Shannon Airport. Other than the fact that it is British Isles outlets rather than EU, we could be anywhere in Europe. Ok, and the Gaelic on the signs.

At 03xx in the flipping morning it does not really matter. There is no one other than all my “best friends” from this flight in the airport. That does not mean that it is quiet, there is a plane full and getting up and moving around is more than needed.

We will be here for a number of hours, I am hoping that if I get the phone charged up, I might actually be able to speak to the Germany/Switzerland located members of the family. Of course, Maus may be on her way to Danzig, but at least the DH should be able to talk to me.

It doesn’t look like we will have other stops after this one – so I am about to turn off the computer.

more later if I can manage to log on again.

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3 Responses to Only US

  1. Cat says:

    Sounds as if you had time to make an entire Aran sweater in Ireland alone!

  2. April says:

    Holly the unflappable. Looking for food when I would be throwing up. You take care and no heroics did anyone tell you you are not twenty five/????

  3. Bruce says:

    O6 Qtrs at AAS were in a tent with a reading light and wardrobes B/t beds the last time I was there.

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