One thing solved

Remember I mentioned about dealing with the Army, them trying to move me this summer (or not) and about being extended beyond my retirement date next spring in order to make that happen?

Someone finally got around to clearly looking at the rules.

Now, remember I have been dealing with this issue since last fall.

It seems like you can not extend someone past their retirement date just to get them moved. Further, to do a retire and recall the next day – the paperwork has to go in no earlier than 12 month prior to retirement. It then takes about 6-9 months to process the recall.

Are you with me?

Retire April 2011, which means paperwork in April 2010. 6 Months is Oct 2010. Meanwhile I have to move in Aug which means household good on their way in June. Not to mention that I will be in Afghanistan when the decision is made.

None of this helps get The Mole moved to the states and settled for University which was one of the main drivers.

Now that all of that mess is settled – looks like I am headed to Ft Livingroom next spring. Meanwhile, nothing like having to sort out my stuff here in the UK, and come up with a plan for every second between now and Ft Benning.

Probably my own fault, I didn’t go read the retirement reg.

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  1. nana says:

    Hope you get through this as sane as possible 😉

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