One hand clapping

A long time ago, some bright person developed a “finder” for keys. A simple, battery powered chirper that attached to your key ring, it sounded off in response to clapping:

Scene 1:  you walk through the house, clapping your hands and cursing.

Scene 2:  you are in a lecture, keys in your hand when everyone starts clapping.

Another one of those ideas whose time really never came.

Carmen mentioned lost phones. I don’t count mine lost till the battery runs down.  At that point, it could be hiding several inches from my nose with high success.


Pictures will magically show up when I am at a computer that allows for pix upload. I suppose I could have loaded them from my MAC to a memory stick, then hauled along to the pay computer station, but I don’t trust my toys in foreign USB ports.

What I managed to do was finish the body on Oragami, 80% of the first sleeve and about 8 cm on the second. I had forgotten how wonderful and mind numbing it it is to knit a patterned yarn in garter. Progress is actually visible as the color changes. Unlike those kilometers of solids in Hanne Falkenberg kits.

I also restrained myself and did not start socks to have an alternative knitting project (Pats self on back).

Yarn lusting and train trip reported tomorrow…..

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One Response to One hand clapping

  1. Lorette says:

    I’ve been laughing at your stories of lost wallets and lost keys. I’m quite possibly even more disorganized than you think you are. I finally have come up with a system for keeping track of the essentials I need to get out the door in the morning: pager, keys, stethoscope, shoes, reading glasses. They all get stored in the same place every time, by the door to the garage.

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