Once again into the delays

The good thing about stopping at the PAX terminal immediately after classes today was finding that the 0015 show time was now 1645. Since it was 1615, this gave the two of us just about enough time to dash back over to billeting, pack up our gear and get back to the terminal.

C-17s have a lot of seats – a few less on some flights, a few more on others. Since there were suppose to be over 100 seats with less than 50 R&R types, I was a bit optimistic, especially when the admin type person came out to announce that everyone had made the flight.

Unlike at Bagram – bags go through the scanner and immediately to pallets right after showtime and manifest at Kandahar. Then you get to go and hang out in the upstairs of the terminal. It might just make up for the fact that there is no pre-call waiting area inside and that the USO is blocks away.

By 1730 we were through and up in the waiting area to wait, wait and wait some more.

One false call had us all down at the gate at 22++ before heading back upstairs.

Wish I could say that we actually left on the 9th….

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  1. Sandy says:

    I don’t know if you might have run across some of these folks: Combat Knitters.


    They even have a group on Ravelry.


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