On the water

After a lovely buffet breakfast out on the patio, we joined most of the group for a day out on the water. There were a few who elected a short round of golf followed by lunch. Looking at those who were headed to golf, we figured it was the lunch, more than the golf which was appealing (that and a couple of people wanted the afternoon off to go shopping).

A short bus ride and we were at the harbor

At the harbor entrance

From the water, it was easy to spot castles –

Castle over looking the city

Cathedrals –

the Cathedral

and just get a general overview of the city

City of Palmanova

City of Palmanova

Seeing both the old and the new

with both old and new

watch the plane loads of tourists taking off –

Taking off

or admire the boats of those who obviously have more money than they have sense.

City of Ship Masts

The Lady Moura

The Lady Moura

After a hour or so of cruising around, we dropped anchor near one of the promontories,

went swimming in the water and generally lazed about. Needless to say, we weren’t the only ones out there.

The rest of the time, I took pictures of most of the group which I promised to send to the office manager. I think she is planning on using them for nefarious purposes.

Dinner at a seaside restaurant featured disco music (I could have done without this), tables with comfortable couches for seating, and a chef who really understood vegetarian cooking while providing the rest of the group with either fish or beast.

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