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  1. It was more a case of no one was able to get the time off. The Mole, my usual traveling companion is doing University on Line and simply can’t be away from the computer that long. It is the wrong side of the world for you.

    Rather than not go – I am just winging it.

    Nine (count ’em) sea days for knitting!

  2. Since you received the message below, I promised Holly that I would include the following summary of our inspection of her house last week.

    Report of Home Inspection

    Location: Panoramastrasse 53

    Inspection of the living area, dining area and kitchen revealed well painted walls. No foot prints, scratches, or other signs of climbing were noted on the walls.

    There are two possible conclusions:

    1. Holly is not climbing the walls, yet.

    2. George has been able to hire an excellent painter.

  3. Howling with laughter. We have spent entirely too many years dealing with the US Army haven’t we!

  4. What a great trip! Hope you’ll have a wonderful time. I look forward to hearing about your adventures!!

  5. Don’t know why 4 copies of this landed in my box, but I dropped 3- we always enjoyed the Grandeur and know you will too.

    Brad says he’s jealous of me getting to The Azores before he does….

  6. Say Hi to all the warm places from me.
    Tell them, I miss them 🙂

    Some sunny days here just are not the same as the weather you are heading to 🙂
    Have fun, and return safely.

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