Old Silk Mill

Trying one of the prepacked bread mixes


which made a really lovely loaf of sunflower bread on the large/white setting and having a nice breakfast had been about as much plans for the day as I needed. After all, I have the DH, knitting and books.


The DH got the itch to go somewhere and see something.

Ok, fine – if he figures out where, then I will drive.

and he found just the thing – the Old Silk Mill in Whitchurch,


restored in the last 15 years and open on Sundays.


Set up to weave fancy silks for Judges, the Royalty, decorating and fashion


The Mill is of course, located on a river, complete with the usual wild fowl.


The silk arrives skeined from China, is sent out be be dyed and then is returned to be wound.
The bobbins are then racked
and the warp is beamed sectionally (up to 200 epi)


On the bottom floor – there are 15 looms. Because of the fineness of the fabric and the complexity, each weaver only handles 2-3 looms. Where originally the power shaft could drive all of the looms, there is electric augmentation for several decades.

We drove back along the A30, choosing to see a bit of the country side rather than rushing along the Motorway. And honestly, since it was a bit more direct, it took just about the same amount of time.


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