oh, dumb

I am not speaking about the amazing amount of errands that I managed to run today. Everything from canceling and making appointments, through starting my bonus paperwork to getting my new ID card into the system.

No, I am referring to the Phoenix Cardigan. Arriving safely in spite of traveling in the baggage compartment of a Lufthansa flight it suffered through the steeks last night.

This evening I sewed together the first sleeve, then hit a snag. I have neither the pattern book nor my graph sheets. I haven’t a single clue as to how I was planning on knitting the cuffs. Now, I could go on to do the neck finishing first, but that is not how I planned it. I could also chart out the cuffs based on the sweater. But that does not sound really thrilling.

Dumb to forget the graphs. This obviously explains the lack of pictures. No progress, absolutely none.

Tomorrow I need to return to Scheherazade which should keep me busy for the weekend plus this coming week.

And I had been planning on wearing my Phoenix on the return trip to the UK. I settled for listening to the rest of Dragon Wytch by Yasmin Galenorn.

April 10 1998

( Jane let me know that 9 April was also a significant date in 1982, since that was the day I was able to coax her daughter Karin into being born. Scary long time ago that: most of the babies I delivered have long since grown up).

Road to Bosnia – 10 April 1998

Day Two –

Taszar, Hungary, a small town south of Budapest. If you want the nearest town, you might be able to find on the map, look for Kapsovar.

The last two medical units arrived last night—late, like 01:30; consisting of the ambulance personnel staying in Hungary and logistics team accompanying us

Everyone else got up for PT at 6:30. Took the whole formation out for a 3 mile run, my pace, so everyone finished. gate guards were totally amazed – heard them saying “that’s the medical unit?”

The rest of day looks like it will be part work and part down time. Conducting a number of classes; letting everyone go to the beer tent as long as they keep it together.

I am headed, with the chaplain, to Budapest to join the community there for the Seder. I don’t know what is going to be more interesting – trying to survive an orthodox service in Hebrew and Hungarian or trying to keep the chaplain quiet in the right places. He has never been to a Seder before and is really excited. We are driving back tonight – so should be back late.

The weather is beautiful – sunshine and warm winds.

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  1. Angeluna says:

    Sorry about not having the charts for Phoenix. That must be frustrating. I LOVE Hungary. Everything about it. Hope your Seder is lovely and meaningful. Can’t wait to hear about it. Of the Hungarian, you will probably not understand one word. Nothing relates to anything you know. I worked hard to learn and spoke a bit long ago, although all that is left is food and childish talk. But they are so kind, you will not mind and certainly understand the meaning.

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