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  1. When I stayed in Morocco we had a very hard time finding traditional food. Most of the restaurants were street vendors, quick cafes, italian, greek, (etc., etc.)

    Only a few expensive and overly cheesey tourist traps sold traditional foods–

    We usually had tangine cooked chicken and figs with mint tea and couscous at the homes of locals when invited over for dinner. (Not an often occurance).

    So, I’m glad your daughter returned your knitting! The red socks look absolutely exquisite!!!

  2. Glad to hear, that your knitting and mp3 player have reappeared 🙂 It’s not the we knitters don’t have enough wool in our stash for another project, but losing one really is a disaster *lol*

    BTW: I will note the adress of the restaurant and try to convince hubby to go there for dinner one day 🙂


    PS: I will drop by Anettes shop within the next few days to see if I can get more information on the Spinnzirkel meetings 🙂

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