Off to München

Leaving the house



I had to think back. 30 years ago today, the Eldest came unwillingly into the world. She did not think that either labor or being born were on her agenda for that day. But at 0516 in the morning, she made her appearance. We hung out at the hospital for a little over 36 hours before making our escape. It was a Saturday. My office was closed, but I had been scheduled for a reserve drill. Would you believe I received a bunch of snarky comments for calling in that I would not be in that weekend?

She is grown up now, married, on her own, the intended recipient of the Periwinkle Shawl. I am not one to write letters “to my daughters” or force long essays upon them. I just wish for her a happy, healthy life with challenges that are surmountable.


Besides running errands like records pick up and post office, I had to be on a train to München this afternoon to attend a conference that starts too early in the morning to arrive the same day.

I like those kind of train trips where I don’t have to change and can just sit in my seat and knit the entire way. Supposedly there was an ice breaker this evening but, as per usual, I bagged it in favor of more knitting.


Alternating a bit of this and that. More Linda Greenlaw – Fishermen are Liars and Visions in Death by J D Robb.

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