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  1. Happy anniversary. Our 54th was on the 8th. We celebrated by going to our favorite restaurant. The rest of the day was pretty ordinary. Oh yes, I, too, am attempting to clean out my study. (aka–stash and computer room). We’re having company in two weeks. Company sleeps in guest room, family sleeps in study.

  2. 54 years – that is really impressive – the two of you must have been barely legal when you married!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!

    I cleaned out the drawers in the built-in hutch in the dining room where I store my table linens. I found that I have 6 Christmas tablecloths. I’m keeping 2. Also cleaned out a couple kitchen drawers. Not the progress you are making, but progress nonetheless. Every little bit helps.

    How is your daughter liking NYC? We are going there next Mon-Sat…should be fun.

  4. Congrats on the anniversary! Sounds like you may have been married a while…as the number of years married is in-directly proportionate to the amount of hoopla. The mousse DID sound good, though.

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