Now where

Admittedly, I managed to get a great deal done today, including a number of things that had not even had a chance to make the list. Heading off to Germany this weekend in preparation for a course in M√ľnchen this coming week, I packed a suitcase.

Did I mention that I am taking leave the week after and need a completely different set of clothing for that journey? I will have to check the bag. Phooey.

Ready for bed, I double checked everything – suitcase, computer, camera, knitting, meds, toys, Ms Maus’es book and coat. Only thing left was to make sure that I had my railpass.

Which is in my wallet which wasn’t to be seen.

30 minutes later, I still did not see it after searching all possible rooms, car, bedroom x3.

As I headed for bed, the thought was that it might just still be in the office and set the alarm for just that small bit earlier.

Grabbing my suitcase and backpack, the wallet was just sitting there on the floor underneath my boarding pass.


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3 Responses to Now where

  1. Ruth says:

    You seem to be spending a lot of time lately trying to convince us that your brain has stopped working. Maybe it is just that YOU need a break?

  2. The cat says:

    Obviously you need to go on leave!

  3. nana says:

    I second that, hurrying from one travel to the next, never enough time for a breather can do that to being organized inside and out.

    I hope, it will be a good time you have on your leave.

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