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now what? — 5 Comments

  1. ask around on Ravelry, and other knitterly groups, if people have stuff of your likings marinating in their stashes?

    It is worth a try, and if not, it is madness, but you might have to try and find another yarn with sufficient yardage to start over again.

  2. OH NO! How unfortunate. It was looking really nice, too. You know, even with a different dye lot, the difference may not be visible since it’s not a single colour. It would be a shame to have to rip all your work back.

  3. I went looking – and my impatience won out (plus a ride on the party bus to Andover and back supplying me with an hours worth of knitting time each way). The front and back are going to coordinate, not match.

    Design feature?

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