Not the evening

that I had planned.

The Mole and I had been trying to figure out if he was going to come straight from school this evening, or go visit his girlfriend and come home later in the weekend.

I knocked off a bit early to check on the dog and spend time on a computer that was not driving me nuts. (Remind me to tell you about the learning curve with Linux. It is a bit steeper than I had planned. It is not like I have needed my Unix in the last 40 years and the command line is not DOS. ) but anyway.

The young man notifies me about 1630 that there is a slight problem. One of the other students wasn’t feeling well and had borrowed money from mine to take the train home a couple of days early. Since he had not made it back to school, mine wasn’t paid back. So he had no money to take the train home.

This is a good kid, my son, and was trying to help out a friend.

Do you have any idea of the traffic on the M25 on Friday afternoon? Shall we say that it is unpleasant? Or that the road is filled with idiots who don’t yield, share their lanes or have a clue as to why they should not be driving 40 mph in the far right lane. Obstructing traffic is a right!

It took a couple of hours to get the 90 miles or so to his school. Since only about 5 km (my car is German. The speedometer, the odometer and the trip recorder are all sensibly in metric) is off the Motorway at the far end. Gives you a bit of an idea of exactly how frustrating was the drive.

Most of my knitting time was gone (two hours there, 90 minutes back and a hassle with a bus trying to be in the same place as my car at the pick up location).

But he was rescued, we made Pad Thai for dinner and then there were a couple of presents from the Eldest. Dragging a birthday out for a few more days when it includes more presents really isn’t a bad thing at all….

Mr Mole


This week I will send him with tickets so that I don’t have to worry about him getting back. There was a positive benefit to me making the drive: I spared him hauling a bag with snacks, soups, shampoo and ramen back to school.


The scarf on square needles made a bit of progress.

Alpaca Scarf

Alpaca Scarf

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