not grumpy old men

There is a noisy bunch of old dudes – excuse me – mature men having a good time on our terrace. George celebrates his birthday every year by inviting the members of his Stammtisch (read Thursday night men’s discussion group) over to grill.

They start with snacks, wine and beer. They progress to salads, more snacks, vegetables and things from the grill (steaks, burgers) with more wine and beer. At 2200 the sun has finally dropped below the horizon and the group is more jovial with passing time and years.

the dudes relaxing

the dudes relaxing - note the grey hair.....

Since he started this tradition (Maus and I think this celebration dates from the summer after we bought this house which would put it around 2002). It is a good way to celebrate. For whatever lucky reason, the weather is nicer and warmer this evening than it was this afternoon when rain with cold and grey threatened to spoil a good time.

We had an alternate plan and the living room was set up for either the initial party or whenever they chose to move inside.


The basic skirt

the basic skirt

Paired with the top she is planning on wearing – the skirt is done except for

all the ties

all the ties on the inside so

now all the it needs

now all the it needs

is the hemming!


and the MTV Group which means every couple of weeks on Thursday morning has a couple of members knitting these –

a few mini mittens

a few mini mittens

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5 Responses to not grumpy old men

  1. Carmen says:

    Mini-mittens with numbers = golf mittens?
    Cute outfit. Maus looks lovely, as ever!

  2. Mitch says:

    Seasoned men (as in salt and pepper).

  3. Ruth says:

    Very glad George enjoyed his birthday celebration with his friends. Interesting version of what Stammtisch means…heh..our German son refers to it as an event for drinking and chatting, but I always thought it was quite a bit more informal than a “discussion” group. 🙂

  4. Ann says:

    love the skirt (and the top!). What’s the occasion? Which daughter is pictured?

  5. Holly says:

    the youngest – variously referred to as Maus, Ms Pink or Ms Copper depending on the hair color. She has her Graduation Ball on the 16th

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