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  1. Oh dear, Holly. Is this Nina who kept the goats? I met her. Husband is Riener?

    Oh gosh. I am sure they are in shock, for it to be that sudden. I am so sorry. I remember her well, such an interesting and kind person. If there is a way, please give Reiner my sympathies. Well, he probably doesn’t remember me. Maybe I could write him a note.

  2. Sorry for your loss doesn’t seem to cut it. Good friends are hard to come by , and she will be missed by many it sounds like. Hug your loved ones and cherish each other . On the lighter side, I think this needs yarn therapy!

  3. We don’t normally bother with Valentines Day…..but Steve has been affected by something!
    For the first time in our marriage, he actually bought me some beautiful roses!!!!!
    I must find out what he has been up to! Ha ha….

  4. Oh, Holly, I’m so sorry. Holding you and yours and your friend Nina’s family in my thoughts.

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