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  1. Frog it Holly. You will not be happy with it. You will not wear it. Sorry about all that work but having ‘been there and done that’ you know you are wasting your time continuing.
    Next question, will you wear a pullover? If so, go back and do it in a colourway that works contrast wise because the idea is a good one. If not, then do a bit of jiggling with the pattern again and steek a cardigan using the same chart.

    • So, at minimum frog pond back to the ribbing is in order? Doesn’t look like it will make it as gift material either, does it?

  2. Only you can know what would feel best to do with it. It is beautiful, but if you feel it would be even more so in other colors…

    I had one half-finished sweater front I once stopped right there, sewed it, added I-cord ties, and called it a baby bonnet, so that I at least got something quite nice out of my work.

  3. Guess it would depend on how badly I wanted to do the project. I’m thinking either change the contrast yarn, or reknit starting the blue at another spot. It’s a bit hard for me to tell, as the colors change with each photo on my monitor, so I’m not sure what the sweater yarns look like in person. Will you be at FHP this year? 🙂 lp

  4. I think, frogpond it is, down to the ribbing. Then the red/burgundy with the blues has still the potential to get the look you wanted, but contrasts up a little.

    It is a bummer it did not work out with the colour gradations.

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