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  1. Can you see flickr sites? BTW, I’m fiberfanatic1 on Ravelry. I read your post and thought, a bit like some moralists, “if you enjoy it, we won’t allow it.” grin I’m sorry that I’ve not posted to your blog often, I usually read on my phone, which doesn’t allow me to respond to your posts. I need to take the time to let you know that I do read your blog regularly.

  2. Some people pay 70-100$ a month to the Internet bandits to connect from their rooms. I don’t, the connection is often way too slow for either downloading large files or SKYPE except in the middle of the night – so I don’t bother. Plus, I am not going to let those folks put software on my computer.

  3. Well, dang, and I was hoping I could post pictures on Widowswalk so you’d have some scenery that wasn’t moon dust and mountains. I will have to attach pictures then, probably from home, because I don’t keep them here at work.

    I’ll try to get on this weekend to send a couple.

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