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  1. My in-laws went on their first cruise a few years ago and were stunned at the obesity and the eating on display. Cruise ships are not representative of the rest of the US, if that helps any.

  2. Oh oh…I hope you won’t hate me. We do NOT go on cruises because we don’t want to be exposed to the “all you can eat” buffets, be forced to wear skimpy clothes, etc. etc.

  3. 3 types of passengers on cruise ships:

    1. Newly wed

    2. Over fed

    3. Nearly dead

    I STILL like cruises! 🙂

  4. They do not seem to have heard of portion control here in Australia either. I know I weigh more than I should but I think I look okay next any number of other people I know! The idea of having a mobility aid just because you are overweight horrifies me. I had better pedal further tomorrow. Trust you are otherwise enjoying it

  5. Oh boy, yes, you must stick out 🙂 Or are there any more people who are
    reasonably weighted (is that the right word in that spot?)?

    It makes me sad for them, that they rather consider a stomach band to
    physically limit their food intake, than change the manner of eating.
    How much must they suffer spiritually to need so much “comfort food” and
    then adjust the portions they are eating instead of getting back to a
    healthy size portion.

    A spiral has been started and it is hard to get out of it again.

    I dont think, this is being snobbish to remark on it, it is rather the
    voice of concern 🙂

    So lets hope, you wont get into ship hazard and need the lifeboats.

    happy cruising 🙂

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