North to the Arctic Circle

Yes, that is right. More burning off leave by one of the most fun ways possible. Up the coast of Norway, leaving on the Artemis tomorrow. What is even nicer is that we are leaving from South Hampton, less than 90 minutes from the house.

All of that really translates to not having to trudge through airports and train stations with stuff. This time I packed more stuff that usual. Partly because I wanted some choices on clothes but mostly because the weather is going to be varied enough to require a range of clothing.

In a spurt of common sense, I am only taking along three knitting projects for choices. After all, I am going to Norway – land of lots of yarn and yarn stores.

  1. Donna – a Hanne Falkenberg sweater. I have the right front completed and am ready to start on the back. Now that I have the pattern down, it is a easy project (yes, miles and miles of knit).
  2. Blues, hauling back out the HF vest pattern that I first started on the Nile Cruise (oh, oh – that was end of 2008)
  3. a laptop case, just for something different.

As I remember, the first day is at sea, and Tues we arrive at Kristiansand. That ought to give me time to get unpacked, addresses pulled off my yarn store list and be ready to hit the streets with my camera.

If I can find Internet free/cheap – you will here from me. If not, well – expect pictures when I return!

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2 Responses to North to the Arctic Circle

  1. Cat says:

    Cat hair! Unfair! Pack ME in your suitcase!

  2. Ruth says:

    Wow, you burn leave with style! Enjoy.

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