No shoes, no shirt

No service.

Don’t you remember seeing those signs when growning up? Especially prevelant in resort areas and beaches, diners and food locations made an effort to hold up a minimum sanitation standard.

There is a version of that here at the DFAC (Dining Facitities)-

No ID, No Weapon
No Service.

Leaving aside the longer lists posted outside each DFAC which remind everyone that totally filthy uniforms, sweaty PTs, rags, tank tops, flip-flops and short-shorts (yes, an attempt to keep the contractors and DOD civilians under control), it makes you think.

The fact is, none of the bases are completely secure. All of the control and check points do the absolutely best that they can. But the amount of chaos created should thousands of people need their weapons all at once makes me shudder.

Whether or not there is a clip in the weapon while inside the wire is a local command call. Yes is more likely than no on US bases and otherwise on NATO/ISAF bases. There does not seem to be any arguement at all about cip in weapon, round in chamber when outside the wire.

At least this way we are not falling over clearing barrels all the time.

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