No better

Thought I would give you that information up front. Ms Soprano talked to the vets office several times today and we will be over there late morning tomorrow. No improvement at all is not good.


Needing something pretty midless, I started this yesterday out of a self striping Regia Sock yarn. Garter Stitch with the usual suspects of two markers and paired double decreases every ridge for a while; on 2.75mm needles it is

A baby surprise

A baby surprise

Version II of Link O’the Waves is complete. Knit of two balls Rowan’s Tapestry in shades of grey I put an edging on one end only.

One repeat scarf

One repeat scarf

Only one repeat wide (instead of four), I liked the texture and the finished width will easily block to ove 20 cm.



Katherine of Aragon

Much more subdued than my normal color choices, I am seriously considering turning this into an elegant vest.

40+ rows up the patterning

40+ rows up the patterning

I have to decide in the next few inches since it makes a difference in the arm scythes.

Audio & Video

Daemons are Forever (long book – 18 hours – 2/3rds of the way through) by Simon Green
Castle (Season I) for knitting.

I haven’t figured out how to watch movies on the treadmill or stairstepper yet. More likely I would fall down.

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2 Responses to No better

  1. Kathryn says:

    A virtual hug – for all of you. I think you need it.

  2. Linda M says:

    sending good wishes

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