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  1. As another mother of four children, and as a person of strong beliefs, I totally see your point. I hope this choice on your part does not result in lasting ill-will with your daughter and her “new” family. Peace be with you all today, and in the future.

  2. Wow, Holly. This was a tough decision for you. I do see your point. May things go as well as possible and I wish you and your daughter much happiness in the future.

    Although I don’t think of myself as “nice” in a superficial way, when faced with a similar situation, I went. A key factor in my decision was I had sons, not daughters. My eldest son married a fundamental Christian, far, far from my beliefs. At the mother’s insistence, the children go to a private religious school that teaches evolution is a lie. But, although my DIL knows I don’t agree, if I open my mouth, she can cut me off any access to the grandchildren. Her children were told I would go to Hell as I didn’t believe as they did. It was very upsetting to them, they cried.

    Difficult situation. Mouth zipped is the only policy I can follow.

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