New year, sweater progress


In case it escaped your attention – last night was New Year’s Eve. Germany is big on fireworks. And you can legally buy them all over the place. The official attitude is that you should be responsible enough to use them properly as you chose to buy them.


Those fireworks continued on for over an hour last night. I didn’t have enough sense to set up a tripod which makes taking pictures a real challenge. At times the city was lit red with the back wash.


should I mention that we foolishly put a movie in around 0100 and sat watching a Pirates of the Caribbean (Worlds End) with the teens, punctuated only by a desperate call from the one teen downtown with a friend. Seems like the Strass was not really running anymore and there wasn’t a cab to found. So the DH, like the great dad he is, ran a rescue run to pick up the two girls extremely late over roads glassy with ice.

Viking Ship

Since it was well after three when we all finally crashed, I am not sure why it astonished me that I was the only one up prior to 0900 in the morning.

But the Viking knit was calling me.


So progress was made. Even with coloured pencils, the graph was fairly challenging. But I have just knit the last row that contains front waves and will start working my way up the ships in the morning.

Audio Books

Finshed up Cat Dancers by Deutermann and also heard Lost & Found by Jayne Ann Krentz.


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  1. ruth says:

    Happy New Year, Holly!

    We spent the evening watching Live from Lincoln Center. Well, that’s what I did. Hubbo conked out at 8:30.

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