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  1. I often wonder about the people who want to join the police force here. The culture inside our police force leaves a lot to be desired. I am hoping that the intake from the UK will help – just hope the UK police do not become like ours!

    • Mostly I see policing as a significant public service at not an insubstantial personal risk.

      Scary to think that the subject of recruiting is not a local issue…

  2. Fun thinking about these topics…not sure most Americans would have a problem with the train being marked “Police”. 🙂 How long are you “home” for this time? I still have a house full of visitors, the last two of whom will not leave until the day AFTER we all leave for the wedding in Joplin.

  3. Provocative thoughts. Word here is that a lot of military force recruiting is happening through first-person shooter video games.

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