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New Boots — 6 Comments

  1. Holly, think about an overdye for that shawl. If you could even out the colors a bit, you would see the pattern better, and it is pretty.

  2. I hope the boots walk in and the stiff upperparts soften.
    They look great, and make me wanting some, I love suede, and the colour goes with everything 🙂

    No chance for us civilians to get them though, I guess.

  3. I second the overdye for the shawl, the pattern really would profit from some more reds I think, since red is mostly contained in the yarn anyway.

  4. I am working on my first Estonian shawl. I know it is un-Estonian, but I substituted tiny bobbles for the nups and think it looks super. The nups were too fussy for my taste – hard to execute nicely, impossible to correct if I made a mistake. I’ll save them for another day.

    • I thought about that, but really don’t like bobbles either. I am not sure how if I like the look or not. Just about 20 total rows complete, and I might wind up frogging the whole thing and passing the book off to someone else.

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