Located between Kettenbr├╝ckengasse and Karlstor, this outdoor Market is a combination of tiny stores, food purveyors, cafes and eateries.

You can find Oriental Teapots, olives, fresh and dried fruit, fish, sausage, vegetables, cheese and hundreds of different spices. The smells are overwhelming and I think you might just eat your fill just sampling from the different shopkeepers who keep offering a bit of this or that.

Beyond I found a small green space with benches in the middle of a traffic circle and free WiFi. Go figure on that.

The area around the Naschmarkt is equally interesting – while home to a number of small second hand shops and antique stores, the majority of the businesses form the heart of the local Chinatown. From bookstores and supermarkets to tourist agencies and beauty salons you don’t need a word of German (or Austrian).

My coffee is wearing off, and there are so many choices. I think I will find a place in a corner, sit outside and watch people. Lunch might just be in order.

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2 Responses to Naschmarkt

  1. Carmen says:

    What a lovely place to visit! Are you taking photos? Or just luxuriating in the views, sounds and sights?

  2. Bob says:

    Sounds like an inviting place for retirees with appetites (smile).

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