my swatch is ok

You know what they say, right? Making a gauge swatch is for sissies and not needed by the experienced or the adventuresome.

Now we all have gotten whacked up side the head at various points in our knitting when the garment/sock/whatever looked like it would fit a hamster when the entended receipient was close to 2 meters tall. Even worse, there has been the occasional sock which looked like it was designed for someone whose feet match those of the clowns getting out of that mini vecicle under the big top.

Yes, that Fiat or MiniCooper that looked like a toy car to jaded American eyeballs but I digress.

I know better than to tackle something like this Swing Jacket without a gauge swatch. I knit one, it was spot on. I even rechecked the measurements several times while knitting the body and was really pleased with myself.

Yesterday I started the sleeve – I even showed you this picture.

and a bit further

status at the end of day

It looks great, if I do say so myself.

This evening when I picked it up and checked it against the picture I noticed it was just a bit narrower than it should be. My gauge was ok and matched those diamonds done with the same needles…

oh, H. Needles. This section was supposed to be knit on 4.0 mm needles, not 3.75mm. Yes, it is perfect for the nice, yellow enameled Inox circular you can see there very clearly.

The thought of all those bits and pieces of yarn which is what you get from frogging miters is enough to make me shudder and go not so quietly insane. The pattern calls for side sections knit on either side of the center panel.

Hummm, do I keep on going for the last few Miters, then add a bit to the side sections if the length is ok or do I frog now and start the sleeves over?

This one calls for a good night’s rest prior to decision making….

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5 Responses to my swatch is ok

  1. Cat says:


  2. Linda M says:

    I say add to the sides, and if it looks ok make the second sleeve to match. If it wasn’t for all the little bits and pieces I would frog and reknit, but frogging mitres is too much to contemplate!

  3. Ruth says:

    Frogs don’t like miters, so I wouldn’t choose that route. But then again, you thrive on challenges, don’t you?

  4. nana says:

    adding to the side panel would be what I might do in such a situation. Only, I dont like miters, so never get to a point for decision like that myself 🙂
    Fudge and call it a design element.

  5. Oh my! I’m glad that’s not my decision to make, Holly! Good luck with it!

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