Morning Light

Why was I awake at 0630 this morning? I didn’t crash till well after 0100.

It must be the morning light, perhaps the house front faces east? I still have no sense of direction here other than the Motorway is that way (points) and London is sort of that way (points again) and Tescos is this way (pointing over the other shoulder). I should just figure it out and be done with it.

But I get light in the morning, fresh sun streaming into my window from quite early. Leaving said window open adds in not just birds chirping cheerily but the sounds of the A30 as trucks rumble by on the otherside of the fence and foliage.

I didn’t knit much, just half a leg on the second of a pair of socks while waiting for a confirmation for Sock Wars III. With the insanity of Sock Madness now passing me by, I thought it might be more fun to war than to knit another round of Madness since I gave the last pattern a bye.


Instead, I spent the eveing reading:  he most recent Dante Valentine and two Coffeehouse Mysteries by Cleo Coyle.

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4 Responses to Morning Light

  1. Carmen says:

    Holly, I don’t think I could get into competitive knitting! Are you mostly reading mysteries now?

  2. kv says:

    oh, but morning is the best time–so quiet and expectant……

  3. Ruth says:

    Yes, thanks for the tip on the Coffee House mysteries. I’ve read the first, and have the rest on my “to do” list.

  4. Carmen says:

    Did you get into Sock Wars II? Is that why you have been so quiet? (This is also a gravatar test.)

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