more of the same

Yep, and it is another sunny day in Georgia paradise.

Rules and regulations do work if you are trying to process 400+ outbound people a week. Exceptions would make them crazy. Since they don’t do crazy; exceptions just don’t happen. There are washers and dryers in the billets (free) so I can wash what I have every couple of days. It also means that my lack of uniforms is their issue not mine.

Perhaps I needed this down day. Most of it has been spent sleeping. Time zones from Melbourne to Germany =8. to UK =1. to Georgia + another 5. That makes 14 hours time change in the past 8-9 days. With heading back to Afghanistan by the end of next week (+8 from here) I don’t really mind waking at 0200 – it just might make the transition a bit easier.

I located the rabbi and have made arrangements to attend Yom Kippur services. Since the chapel at which they are being held is in the basic training area, I expect to see mostly recruits at services. I thought about it, then turned down an offer to find and stay with a family in town. Have neither the clothes nor the desire to spend the time with strangers. Military whom I don’t know are still not strangers.

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2 Responses to more of the same

  1. Steve says:

    Military whom I don’t know are still not strangers.

    Immediate family. Know that feeling well.

  2. Ann says:

    Stay safe in Afghanistan, and I’m looking forward to your reports.
    Have an easy fast,

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