More family than they thought

Again, there was no one in the breakfast room with me at 0400 in the morning. I am on the second sock madness sock. Going down a needle size, it is an improvement. Thinking about reknitting the first, but later, much later ….

Second Sock Started

(still on the DHs computer – there are a bjiillion symbols on the 88 or less keys making typing really, really frustrating. Need an accent, umläut? Not a problem, but try finding the parens, delete or return key. Aargh. you will get pix later).

After the Bat Mitzvah, we headed downtown Minneapolis to a different hotel for our last night.

The crew was hungry again. Together with my long lost step-brother & wife, we headed into the maze of the Skyway system to find lunch. Ms Copper and the Mole were willing to sit still long enough for me to take pictures (new camera lens….)

Ms Copperthe Mole

as well as Jan was a good sport


Taking up a seating area in a café, I finished up the sock (you know which sock) while we visited.

Sock Madness Round 3 complete

All of a sudden four hours had passed and the place was closing. I could not completely avoid being in at least one picture.

two of us

The kids had disappeared a while back in search of manicures, hair cuts and other primping for an evening dinner at the Minneapolis Club.

Why is it freaking cold in April? It is not supposed to be below freezing. Now imagine a large, elegant drafty restored old mansion. Right, tights, dress and jacket. Still cold.

I took along the camera, but wound up not taking any pix at all.

later, I am wiped.

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3 Responses to More family than they thought

  1. Turtle says:

    sounding like quite the adventure!

  2. Kate says:

    I did finish my madness-sock late this night. And now I’m really tired, my sofa is really tempting me.
    But, I manage to reach round 4, and I’m really pleased.
    How’s your socks going on?

  3. Turtle says:

    hey…guess what the mailcarrier brought today! I love it, thank you!! I also had to smile and laugh as the yarn is from the town my mom was born in! I was born down the road, lol. But I am going to have to send her the label after for when she takes a road trip that way again to check it out! Love the yarn though, thank you again!!

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